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This wiki has become a target for massive, outrageous, ungodly amounts of spam. For this reason, the free and easy account creation has been shut off. If you would like a wiki account feel free to reach out in the #wiki channel in the zero mission discord channel. We are happy to let anyone edit and contribute, it's just unfortunate that the spam has made this extra step necessary.

Welcome to the Zero Mission Speedrunning Wiki!

Metroid: Zero Mission is a remake of the classic Metroid videogame for the NES, except this time it's updated for the Gameboy Advance with all new physics, graphics, items, and an entire new postgame section. The speedruns for Zero Mission focus heavily on platforming movement, with some stylish tricks sprinkled throughout each category.


We have a discord server for anyone to stop by and ask questions, show off, or just say hi and let us know you're giving the speedrun a try:

Same for the category extensions board:


The official leaderboard for speedruns is hosted by SRC at

The category extensions leaderboard can also be found at


Submission/Recording Guides

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Hard Mode


Category Extensions

Boss Fights