True Completion

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True Completion can mostly be distilled into a mixture of 100%, Map Completion, and All Chozo Hints RTA.

In True Completion you must do the following:

* Acquire 100% items
* Visit all map tiles
* Visit and activate all map stations
* Open all non-blue doors at least once
* View the boss statues after Long Beam
* Visit and activate all standing Chozo statues
* Varia Suit must be obtained from the statue in Brinstar
* Defeat Kraid before Ridley
* Destroy all 4 Zebetites

The category is based doing everything you can do in the game that sets permanent flags in memory (outside of destroying all non-reappearing blocks) in addition to grabbing all the map tiles.

Some of these requirements are a little redundant, as in both 100% and Map Completion, you fight Kraid before Ridley (and view the cutscene upon leaving Kraid), and with the ammunition you have in 100%, you destroy all 4 zebetites rather than skipping them.


General Route

This is the first draft route, the run is ~85-90 minutes. Subject to change.

1. Long Beam -> Bombs hint -> Bombs -> Ice beam hint -> Brinstar map -> Wave Beam hint (skip Early Brinstar items) -> Norfair

2. Power Grip -> Ice Beam -> Speed Booster hint -> Varia Suit hint -> Kraid

3. Kraid identical to Map Completion -> Hi-Jump hint -> Norfair

4. Norfair -> Ridley identical to Map Completion but ignore the Ice Beam section/upper heated room

5. Ridley identical to Map Completion but with early Imago (don't forget the save room by the elevator).

6. Open Ice Beam green door after escaping from Ridley & grab the heated room missile/tiles above

7. Grab Varia Suit/upper Brinstar items & tiles immediately after Brinstar Super and head to Tourian

8. Cleanup identical to Map Completion

Two quirks of this category compared to 100% or Map Completion:

  • You have Power Grip on your first trek through Kraid
  • Your first Super Missiles are at Imago

Missable Doors


These are the doors that are possible to miss in a route where you pick up 100% items and map tiles.

In Tourian you will want an extra Super for Tourian escape to open the green door, since internally the door is separate from the one seen in cleanup.

Example Run