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Crateria Super

100% or Kraid-First Any%

The first super missile you will traditionally get in the 100% run. There are various ways to get it, ranging in difficulty.

The first method sets you up just above the unknown item block, and has you storing a shinespark and doing three or four wall jumps. Then, either sparking in midair, or landing on the pillar, spark to the left. This will lead you to an incline which you can store another spark on. Store the spark, jump into the air, and spark right. This will get you to the super missile.

The second method starts the same way, however once you've stored your spark, you'll want to backtrack to the left until you've reached the fourth and fifth plants from the left. You'll want to line yourself up so that you are between the two plants. From there, you will diagonally spark to the left and store a spark on the same incline as the first method. Then you'll jump into the air, spark right, and grab the super. This is practically the same speed as wall jumping if you find the correct spot to shinespark from right away, but will quickly lose time if you spend any time lining yourself up.

The final method is a bit harder than the first method since it adds in an additional step, but it saves about 3.5 seconds. After you've stored your spark, you will want to do four wall jumps, making sure your final wall jump is as close to the top of the pillar as possible. The fourth wall jump will take you above the pillar at which point you'll want to position yourself above the pillar so that you would land on it. However, while you're falling, you'll want to morph and place a bomb. After you've hit the ground you will want to unmorph, and press jump within the first four frames of unmorphing, if done correctly, you will do a vertical jump into the air without activating your shinespark. You'll then remorph allowing you to bomb jump into the air. The jump bomb jump will propel you high enough so that you may unmorph and spark directly to the right, without having to take a detour left. You can also add in a slight input to the right at some point during the trick so you can get a diagonal bomb jump going to the right, but that makes the trick significantly harder,