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There are exactly 100 items in Zero Mission: 14 Major Suit Upgrades, 12 Energy Tanks, 50 Missiles, 15 Super Missiles, and 9 Power Bombs.

3 of the items are labeled as Unknown Items, they must be collected in order to progress through the game but they are locked by your regular power suit until you complete the Suitless section of the game. At that point your fully powered suit unlocked and you're able to use all 3 Unknown Items.

Varia Suit

The Varia Suit is not commonly seen in runs because for most categories it is too far out of the way to be useful, and for the 100% category you get this item automatically after completing the Suitless section and it still counts as a %, so there's no reason to go pick it up.


In a low% speedrun you will only need 9 items to complete the game: Morph, Bombs, Ice Beam, Power Grip, the 3 Unknown Items, 1 Missile Expansion, and the Varia Suit.

Hard mode requires you to pick up an extra missile expansion for the minimum 10% to get through some rooms in Chozodia that have multiple missile blocks followed by a red door with no chance to refill in those rooms. It is possible to complete the game with 9% on hard mode but you will either need to perform the Red Door Clip, or play on the PAL version which is the only version that doesn't respawn two of the missile blocks in your path.

Hard Mode

In Hard Mode the game gives you half of the ammo/hp you would normally get from expansions, and this is rounded down so regular missile expansions give you 2 missiles, energy tanks increase you maximum energy by 50, and super and power bomb expansions only give you 1 of each.