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Overview brinstar.png

Charge Worm

The Charge Worm fight is the first boss fight in the game and has a more detailed description in its own page.

Hive Room

For all categories except low% you will want to take the path shown in this video. In low% you do not grab the missile on the left, and with some hard mode categories you may find yourself here with Long Beam which trivializes this room. This setup has a high chance of gathering all the bugs from the 2nd and 3rd hive to follow you to the lower half of the room, leaving you the freedom to cross the upper half without too many issues. There is a random chance that the bugs will still fly up in your way and ruin the room, that's just the randomness that makes hive room such a troublsome room.

Brinstar Super


This is the only super missile located in Brinstar, this trick is useful because allows Samus to take this tank faster than the intended way, this trick is slower than doing the zebetite skip without it, but it makes Tourian much safer, also with this missile, we don't need to do the zebetite skip, we have almost enough missiles to finish Mother Brain room if we farm 2 more missiles in the room. (Red rinka missile drop rate is increased in that room)

To perform this trick, Samus has to store a speedboost, and do series of tight platforming, and then Morph Ball Shinespark (ballspark) to the left.


There are a couple different ways to grab this Super Missile in 100%. The fastest way is to press down to store your spark right after you kill the ripper in the shortcut room, lay a bomb to open the path, and grab the missile at the same time. This method especially saves more time if you've done the Early Brinstar route because you don't need to backtrack into the shortcut and you can go straight to Long Beam after grabbing the Super Missile. Two of the safer methods of this trick involve holding down either during the transition into the shortcut room so that you can ball spark into the Super Missile room after the rippers move away from you, or storing your spark later in the shortcut room so that you can roll into the next room and spend more time setting up your position to ballspark into the Super Missile room. There is another way to perform this ballspark and collect the missile at the same time, but it requires an extra windup animation to do an additional ballspark inside the shortcut room.

Fastest Method

Early Method

Late Method

Slowest Method

Charge Spark

In 100% or if you're doing Kraid-First Any%, you will have barely enough space to get a shinespark after leaving the morph shortcut and running across the Charge Worm's area. If you ask around you may find different ways of setting it up, my preferred starting position is to jump straight up out of the morph tunnel and shoot the door on the way up, and wait until I'm just about landed before pressing forward. This gives me the most room to get the spark without spending too much time lining myself up at the start.

Storing the spark is all about timing, it's common to fail the strat just by failing to press down where it seems obvious to do so. This is the hardest part of the trick, once you have it stored the first time you just need to be deliberate in your movement to recharge on the two slopes, bomb the passageway open, drop onto the platform and activate the spark to save a couple seconds on your run.

It is slightly faster to activate the spark midair, but this comes with the risk of falling into the acid and having to backtrack around if you fail to activate it.

Early Brinstar VS Late Brinstar