Glass Tube Ice Clip

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This trick is mainly used for 100% Hard mode as part of the Very Cool Route™.

This only saves time in hard mode after performing the early power bombs clip, because you'll reach this area with only 1 power bomb in that situation. In order to proceed you would normally need to blow up the glass tube, back track to some other save station in Chozodia or the Mother Ship, refill your 1 power bomb back, and then return to blow up one of the power bomb blocks on either side of the tube. This trick saves that time by allowing us to immediately grab a 2nd power bomb without having to backtrack, at the cost of 400 health and some time to manipulate the pirate's subpixels.

The setup for this clip starts with blowing up the tube, and you want to leave and reset the glass tube room after it's blown up in order to get a consistent setup for the pirate. The fastest way to do this is to leave as soon as the explosion reaches the tube and skip the animation of it blowing up. I like to leave the door closed and let the power bomb open the door before holding right, this pretty much guarantees you won't leave too early before the tube explodes. Once you've left and returned to the now broken tube, you need to continue running left, drop down to the lower platform and kill the pirates above you while running right, and fall to the area below in a way where you'll be falling to the right side of the lower ledge below.

There isn't much of a visual cue for this part that I know of, you just need to practice falling in the right place such that you'll be to the right of the lower ledge, and you can hold left and grab the ledge before landing. Once you're on the ledge, hold right and wait for the pirate to follow you down there and shoot you. After it shoots you, wait until you're really close to the ground and start a respin right before you land. The timing for the respin isn't too specific, just don't respin too soon or the setup won't work, you want to respin as late as you can.

After you land, morph immediately and wait for the pirate to jump over you and start shooting at you. The first shot should hit you and knock you up the hill a little bit, and then he'll fire two shots that miss. As soon as the 3rd shot passes over you, stand up and let the pirate run into you. This should knock you into the wall, and you can turn left once your knockback animation finishes. Let the pirate shoot you one more time and get up in your face, freeze it when it stops moving, crouch, hold right, and you should be clipped into the wall and running into the next room.

Most often what goes wrong for me is spinning too soon after taking the first shot, or standing up too late after the 3rd shot goes over samus while morphed. Doing either of these things wrong will cause the pirate to run in some other direction and if you've taken any damage at this point, you will need to go refill your health because you won't survive another attempt at the setup. If you get in this situation, just go left to refill in Chozodia and come back to this spot and use your 1 power bomb you just refilled to blow up the wall. You've already lost all the time you could've saved but this way you can at least finish your run with about 1 minute of timeloss from failing this trick.