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"Forbidden Knowledge" brought to us by Ckosmick in discord one day:

L + B + Start = Noclip Pressing Select while in noclip disables scrolls B = Cancel noclip

Start = pause game with debug screen Select + Start = pauses game, debug menu replaced with status screen

Select + L in pause screen: icons appear in the top right corner of the screen <:samzm:539602684706291769> = current room # ➡️ = X coordinate (0 = left) ⬇️ = Y coordinate (0 = top)

A in top right of debug screen: Sound test

reading the top of debug screen: AREA: 3 letter acronym of area you are in. for test area, that's TN1/2/3 HEYA: Japanese for "Room": Room number you are in GATE: Door

Pressing SELECT while in the debug screen opens an event list. events can be toggled with A

at main DEBUG CONFIG screen, under SECTION, hitting select over any of the areas or TEST 1/2/3 will open a map screen of that area with an indicator of where you will spawn, and a small window with h/g coordinates. H = Heya = room # G = Gate = door # you spawn by the door

at main DEBUG CONFIG screen, under etc, turning off ゲート コウカ makes every room transition instant