Glass Tube

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In Zero Mission the phrase "Glass Tube" not only refers to the room with the glass tube in it, but also the trick performed in this room in the 100% route. When you lay a powerbomb near the tube it will explode and be gone forever, giving you access to the area underneath. This gives you a single opportunity to get a shine spark stored before the tube explodes, carry the spark underneath, and use it to access an etank that would otherwise require backtracking through the next rooms to get the intended spark before moving on. The steps to getting the glass tube trick are:

  • Be morphed while falling down the side of the ship
  • Lay a powerbomb as you enter the glass tube room. Dont lay it as soon as possible because it is possible to lay it so early that its too high and doesn't reach the tube.
  • Wait for the screen to stop shaking
  • Run to the left and store the shinespark as soon as you get it
  • With this timing you should see the tube explode behind you and you can run back and underneath the tube
  • Recharge the spark on the slope halfway down the area and lay another powerbomb to open the path to the left
  • Spark to the left and either space jump into the speedblocks in the ceiling, or recharge again and line up the spark to ensure you break the blocks