Early Power Bombs

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This clip makes use of manipulating the space pirate's subpixels combined with the properties of frozen enemy hitboxes being able to push Samus around in unique ways, and sets all of this up in order to clip Samus's position exactly 1 subpixel inside of a crumble block that is normally only accessible from the right side. Once inside of the crumble block, attempting to jump with springball will trick the game into thinking you're on top of the crumble block which will cause it to crumble away and let you into the tunnel from the left side.

There are two ways to set up the clip, one takes 4 hits from the space pirate and is very simple and easy to perform while the other method only takes 2 hits from the pirate and requires some more precise timing to get the setup to work.

4 Hit Setup

In order to do the 4 hit setup you need to run into the room while the alarm is on, and let go of all inputs during the transition. Once the room loads you should be standing in front of the door while the pirate comes in, and he'll immediately shoot you. As soon as you get shot, hold Right in midair so that as soon as you land you'll start running towards the right wall. Once you're up against the wall and still holding right, hold Jump so that you spin jump and your screw attack breaks the bomb block on the floor. Continue holding Jump and Right until you're at the peak of your jump, and then morph so that you land on the pirate in morph ball form. If done correctly, the pirate will start crawling into the tunnel, and you should roll into the tunnel with it. When the pirate crawls out of the tunnel and turns around, you should get your 4th hit from it and that's your time to roll out just enough that you can unmorph and freeze it. Once frozen, you can morph back into the hole and press Jump again to attempt a springball jump, and this should destroy the crumble block and let you in.

Things that can go wrong:

  • The pirate climbs up the wall instead of crawling into the hole. This happens when your first jump is too early. It's not about jumping as soon as possible, there is a slight timing to it.
  • You shoot and the pirate doesn't freeze. This happens when you roll too far left, you need to just barely roll out of the tunnel enough that you can unmorph and not much further.
  • You did everything correctly and froze the pirate but you can't break the crumble block with springball jumps. This happens when the pirate's subpixels are not correct, which if you followed the setup can usually only happen if you waited too long to freeze it. Try freezing it faster after you take your 4th hit from it and you should get it.

2 Hit Setup

If you're comfortable with the 4 hit setup, the 2 hit setup should look very familiar with some extra movement added to dodge the pirate. As soon as the room loads you will be able to see the pirate behind you stopping to shoot at you. Once he lines up his shot, run off the platform and try to land about where you would've landed if you had been shot. This dodges the 1st hit and enables the rest of the same setup to happen. After the laser passes over your head, run up to the wall and do the same spinjump to break the crumble block, but hold left at the peak of your jump so you land behind the pirate instead of on it. This dodges the 2nd hit, but the timing is tricky. You need to wait long enough that it'll crawl into the tunnel, do it too soon and he'll climb the wall instead and you need to reset the room to try again. After that if he's crawled into the tunnel, you can morph and continue the rest of the same setup and take the last 2 hits from it to finish the clip.